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Mops, Frames, Handles, Squeegees

Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Dust mop frame 5x18 ODE-F185 5X18
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Dust mop frame 5x24 metal ODE-F245 5X24
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Dust mop frame 5x36 metal ODE-F365 5X36
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Dust mop handle snap on - wood handle 01406 15/16'X60' WOOD
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Dust mop head 5x18 cut end cotton ODE-E185 5X18 ECON
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Dust mop head 5x24' cotton ODE-E245 5X24'ECON
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Dust mop head 5x36' cotton ODE-E365 5X36' ECON
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Dustmop 5x48 metal frame ODE-F485 5X48
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Econ dust mop heaf refill 5x48 ODE-E485 5X48 ECON
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Flexi-duster overhead dusting tool 60' RM-T410 60' DUSTER
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Rmaid heavy duty dustpan black RM-2005 BLACK
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Rmaid lobby pro upright dust pan black RM-2531 UPRIGHT PAN
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Rubbermaid 18 inch twist loop RM-J552
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Rubbermaid 36 inch dust mop head RM-K155-00
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Rubbermaid dust mitt for flexi-duster RM-T499
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Rubbermaid lobby pro dust pan broom RM-6374 LOBBY BROOM
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Tolco ostrich feather duster 280154
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Web duster with extension pole WEB DUSTER (PURPLE)
Facial Tissues / Feminine Care Kc 8.4'x8' 2ply wht surpass facial tissue 21340
Facial Tissues / Feminine Care Kc 9'x8' 2 ply wht kleenx facial tissue 100ct 21400
Facial Tissues / Feminine Care Sanitary napkin liners #500 per case RM77
Facial Tissues / Feminine Care White enml sanisc disposal unit RMSANISAC-25033000
Fine sweep 24' plastic head push broom RM-9B02
Fine sweep 36' wood head push broom RM-9B04
Finish mops Mop head large-finisher loop web 1' mesh hband blue/white U18063 1' LG/LOOP/WEB
Finish mops Rayon wax mop medium w/ wide band WMOPMEDIUM
Handles Broom handle 60 inch threaded C136 15/16 60 INCH
Handles Gripper mop handle 60' wood w/plastic head U18647 60' WOOD GRIPPER
Handles Rubbermaid 58' mop handle quick connect aluminum yellow Q750 58' ALUM QK CONNECT
Handles Rubbermaid 60' gripper wet mop handle-aluminum H226 60' ALUM
Handles Rubbermaid 60' threaded wood handle RM-6364 60' 15/16'DIA
Handles Rubbermaid aluminum handle RM-6355
Handles Rubbermaid invader wet mop wood handle w/plastic hinged gate head H116 60' WOOD/PLASTIC HEAD
Handles Wood mop handlemetal end wing nut MSD/MOP HANDLE

Handles and poles Ettore 1324 brass handle 1324 BRASS HANDLE
Handles and poles Ettore 1640 pro+ super system handle 1640 PRO+ HANDLE
Handles and poles Ettore 1692 3 section 18' r pole 1692 3 SEC 18' REACH
Handles and poles Ettore 2 section 8' r pole 42108 2 SEC 8' REACH
Handles and poles Ettore 42104 2 section 4' r pole 42104 2 SEC 4 REACH'
Handles and poles Ettore 42112 2 section 12' r pole 42112 2 SEC 12 'REACH
Handles and poles Stainless steel squeegee handle PR000
Mops 5 inch 4 ply blue med loop end mop U18580 SOLID BLUE
Mops Allstar medium do all loop end 4 ply (blue) U18045 MEDIUM BLUE
Mops Large loop end wet mop w/5' mesh headband green 1066090508 GREEN
Mops Large mop head loop end do all 4 ply 5' mesh headband blue U18044 5' LG BLUE
Mops Mop head large white cotton loop MSD/MOP HEAD PKG 3
Mops Mop head large white cotton loop MSD/MOP HEADS
Mops Mop head medium white MED WHITE
Mops R/m 24 oz allpro blend mop universal band E23800BLOO 24 OZ
Mops Rubbermaid finish mop large loop white w/blue stripe D51306 WHITE/BLUE STRIPE
Mops Rubbermaid large loop end mop blue RMLRGBMOP
Mops Rubbermaid super stitch white wax mop medium RMWMOP
Mops Rubbermaid x-large loop end mop white RMLRGWMOP
Mops Wet mop head large pre shrunk green U18008 1' LG GREEN
Squeegees 15/16 taper broom handle wood 15/16 TAPER WOOD
Squeegees 58' proaluminum squeegee handle AL14A 58 INCH
Squeegees Aquadozer eco 24' floor squeegee (handle sold separately) FE600 24 INCH
Squeegees Ettore fixed pro + 12' squeegee 2012
Squeegees Ettore 1013 12' brass squeegee - complete 1013 12' BRASS SQUEEGEE - COMPLE
Squeegees Ettore 1017 14' brass squeegee - complete 1017 14' BRASS SGUEEGEE COMPLET
Squeegees Ettore 1025 18' brass squeegee - complete 1025 18'' BRASS SQUEEGEE -COMPLE
Squeegees Ettore 17008 8' all purpose squeegee 17008 8' ALL PURPOSE SGUEEGEE
Squeegees Ettore 17012 12' all pupose squeegee 17012 12'ALL PURPOSE SQUEEGEE
Squeegees Ettore 2612 12' pro-grip squeegee - complete 2612 12'PRO-GRIP SQUEEGEE
Squeegees Ettore 2614 14' pro-grip squeegee - complete 2614 14' PRO-GRIP SQUEEGEE COMP
Squeegees Ettore 2618 18' pro-grip squeegee - complete 2618 18' PROGRIP SQUEEGEE
Squeegees Ettore 71140 14' back-flip squeegee/t-bar combo 71140 BACK-FLIP
Squeegees Ettore all purpose 10' squeegee 17010
Squeegees Ettore fixed pro + 14' squeegee 2014
Squeegees Proaluminum 61' squeegee handle AL14T 61 INCH
Squeegees Unger cone adapter heavy duty NCA00 ADAPTER
Squeegees Unger pro 12' squeege stainless steel with s channel PR300 12'
Squeegees Unger pro 18' stainless steel squeegee PR450 18'