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Food Service Supplies

Cups-Lids 12 oz plastic cup 12SN 12 OZ
Cups-Lids 12 oz white styrofoam cup 12J12 12 OZ STYRO WHITE
Cups-Lids 14 oz medium foam cup 14J16
Cups-Lids 16 oz plastic translucent lid 16JL 16 OZ
Cups-Lids 16 oz styrofoam white cup 16J16 16 OZ STYRO WHITE
Cups-Lids 16oz translucent plastic cup 16TN 16 OZ
Cups-Lids 7 oz plastic translucent cup 7N25 7 OZ
Cups-Lids 8 oz cup - hard plastic clear tumblers PI8
Cups-Lids 8 oz styrofoam white cup 8J8 8 OZ STYRO WHITE
Cups-Lids 8 oz tumbler 25 per pkg PI-8 single
Cups-Lids 9 oz plastic cups #2500/case 9N25 9 OZ
Cups-Lids Dart 12 oz plastic vented lid for foam cups and containers 12JL 12 OZ
Cups-Lids Dart plastic vented 4 oz lid translucent 8JL 4 OZ CLEAR
Cups-Lids Infinity 70z paper cold cup DMR7 7OZ CUP
Cups-Lids Plastic 5oz translucent cup FRK5 5OZ
Dinnerware 10' 3 compartment plastic plate white 10CPWF 10.25' 3 CMPT
Dinnerware 10-12 oz plastic bowl white 12BWWF 10-12 OZ #1000
Dinnerware 10.25' 3 compartment foam plate white G81300 10.25' FOAM 3CMPT
Dinnerware 10.25' foam plate white G81000 10.25' FOAM
Dinnerware 10.25' white plastic plate 10PWF 10.25' PLASTIC WHITE
Dinnerware 12 oz foam bowl #1000/case G82100 12 OZ WTE #1000
Dinnerware 6' foam plate G80600 6' FOAM
Dinnerware 6' plastic plate white 6PWF 6' PLASTIC WHITE
Dinnerware 6' plastic white plate - single 6PWF 6' SINGLE
Dinnerware 6' quiet classic laminate foam plate white 6PWQ 6' STYRO LAMINATE
Dinnerware 7' foam plate G80700 7' FOAM
Dinnerware 7.5 inch clear scrollware plate CC75 7.5' PLATE
Dinnerware 9' foam plate white G80900 9' FOAM
Dinnerware 9' jazz paper plate HWP9J
Dinnerware 9' paper plate pack of 100 V30300 9'
Dinnerware 9' plastic plate white 9PWF 9' PLASTIC WHITE
Dinnerware 9' white laminate foam plate 9PWQ 9' STYRO LAMINATE
Dinnerware Foam 3 compartment plates single pack G81300 SINGLE
Dinnerware Foam bowl 5 oz white G80500 5 OZ #1000 WHITE
Dinnerware Scrollware 6 inch plate - plastic clear SPL6X 6' PLATE
Kitchen Roll Bounty kitchen roll towel white P28838 52SHTS 30ROLLS
Kitchen Roll Cellu-soft kitchen roll towels 52480 85 SHTS 30 ROLLS
Kitchen Roll Georgia pacific preference kitchen roll towel FJ27300 100SHTS #30ROLLS

Kitchen Roll Gp preference kitchen roll towel 2 ply 27300 100 SHTS 30 ROLLS
Kitchen Roll Marcal 630 sunrise 2 ply 70 sheet/30 roll kitchen towel MA630
Kitchen Roll Marcal sunshine paper towel MA610 70 SHTS #15 ROLLS
Kitchen Roll Sca tork single kitchen paper towel roll HB1995A-single
Kitchen Roll Sca tork universal 100% recycled kitchen roll towel HB1995A 210SHTS 12 ROLLS
Kitchen Roll Tork 2 ply ktchn roll towel HB9201
Kitchen Roll Tork univ kitchen roll case (30/84) HB1990A
Kitchen Roll Unisource kitchen roll towel white U23685 210SHEETS 12 ROLLS
Misc Artificial sweetener 11420
Misc Coffee filters 500 case 56-50B
Misc Folgers coffee 48 oz FOLGER COFF 48 OZ
Misc Njoy 12 oz creamer NJOY CREAMER 12 OZ
Misc Njoy creamer 22 oz container N'JOY CREAMER 22 OZ
Misc Njoy sugar cannister 22 oz NJOY SUGAR 22 OZ
Misc Non dairy creamer packets NON DAIRY CREAMER PACKETS
Misc Non dairy creamer packets NONDAIRY CREAMER PACKETS
Misc Sugar packets - single use - 2000 per case SUGAR PACKETS
Misc Winchester th25 9 1/2'x5'x5' take out box WTH25
Napkins Gp preference dinner napkin 31429
Napkins Hoffmaster cocktail napkin-navy 020382 NAVY NONSTOCK
Napkins Linen like 16x16 flat napkins with bands 125042 LINEN LIKE 16X16
Napkins Marcal paper lunch napkins MA270 11 2/5X12.5' #1000
Napkins Tork universal lunch napkins 1/4 fold L3141 12 PKS #500
Napkins Vintage dinner napkin 2 ply 15x17 V23140
Napkins Vintage lunch napkin 1/4 fold 6000 case V23060
Table Covers Paper table cover 40'x300' roll white embossed 1ply VRT40300 PAPER ROLL
Table Covers Plastic peeble emd tablecover 40'x300' roll A2TCWPBL
Table Covers Plastic table cover white 40'x300' roll 114000 PLASTIC ROLL
Table Covers Straight edge white placemat 310469
Table Covers Tablecloth white 3 ply 54x108 210130 #25 PAPER/PLASTIC BACK
Utensils Dart fork white medium weight full size F6BW 6 1/8' #1000
Utensils Dart knife white 6 1/2' full size K6BW 6 1/2' #1000
Utensils Dart teaspoon 5 7/8' med wt. White full size S6BW 5 7/8' #1000
Utensils Hvy wieght white fork 2008PP
Utensils Reflections 6.25' teaspoon - plastic 630155 SPOON
Utensils Reflections 7' silver fork - plastic 610155 FORK
Utensils Reflections 7.5' silver knife - plastic 630155 KNIFE
Utensils Solo guildware hvyweight full size fork GDC5FK
Utensils Solo heavyweight full size clear knife GDC6KN
Utensils Solo heavyweight full size teaspoon GDC7TS