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Brushes, Brooms, Accessories

Angled Broom Brute angled broom w/ aluminum handle RM-6385
Brushes 10' bi level deck brush yellow GEN 10' YELLOW
Brushes Brush 7 in. Nylon detail brush CAR- 4067400
Brushes Fuller bowl mop with plastic wringing sleeve FUL-2968
Brushes Fuller counter duster with synthetic fiber FUL-5705
Brushes Iron handle scrub brush 280183
Brushes Rubbermaid bi-level deck brush 10' RM-6337 10' BLUE POLYPRO
Brushes Rubbermaid standard toilet bowl brush wood RM-6301 WOOD
Brushes Toilet bowl mop IMP-80100TE
Brushes Toilet bowl plunger Plunger
Corn Broom Corn broom with wire band ODE-A12001 32#
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Dust mop frame 5x18 ODE-F185 5X18
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Dust mop frame 5x24 metal ODE-F245 5X24
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Dust mop frame 5x36 metal ODE-F365 5X36
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Dust mop handle snap on - wood handle 01406 15/16'X60' WOOD
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Dust mop head 5x18 cut end cotton ODE-E185 5X18 ECON
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Dust mop head 5x24' cotton ODE-E245 5X24'ECON
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Dust mop head 5x36' cotton ODE-E365 5X36' ECON
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Dustmop 5x48 metal frame ODE-F485 5X48
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Econ dust mop heaf refill 5x48 ODE-E485 5X48 ECON
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Flexi-duster overhead dusting tool 60' RM-T410 60' DUSTER
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Rmaid heavy duty dustpan black RM-2005 BLACK
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Rmaid lobby pro upright dust pan black RM-2531 UPRIGHT PAN
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Rubbermaid 18 inch twist loop RM-J552
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Rubbermaid 36 inch dust mop head RM-K155-00
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Rubbermaid dust mitt for flexi-duster RM-T499
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Rubbermaid lobby pro dust pan broom RM-6374 LOBBY BROOM
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Tolco ostrich feather duster 280154
Dust Mops-Frames-Heads-Pans Web duster with extension pole WEB DUSTER (PURPLE)
Fine sweep 24' plastic head push broom RM-9B02
Fine sweep 36' wood head push broom RM-9B04
Finish mops Mop head large-finisher loop web 1' mesh hband blue/white U18063 1' LG/LOOP/WEB
Finish mops Rayon wax mop medium w/ wide band WMOPMEDIUM
Handles Broom handle 60 inch threaded C136 15/16 60 INCH
Handles Gripper mop handle 60' wood w/plastic head U18647 60' WOOD GRIPPER
Handles Rubbermaid 58' mop handle quick connect aluminum yellow Q750 58' ALUM QK CONNECT
Handles Rubbermaid 60' gripper wet mop handle-aluminum H226 60' ALUM
Handles Rubbermaid 60' threaded wood handle RM-6364 60' 15/16'DIA
Handles Rubbermaid aluminum handle RM-6355

Handles Rubbermaid invader wet mop wood handle w/plastic hinged gate head H116 60' WOOD/PLASTIC HEAD
Handles Wood mop handlemetal end wing nut MSD/MOP HANDLE
Handles and poles Ettore 1324 brass handle 1324 BRASS HANDLE
Handles and poles Ettore 1640 pro+ super system handle 1640 PRO+ HANDLE
Handles and poles Ettore 1692 3 section 18' r pole 1692 3 SEC 18' REACH
Handles and poles Ettore 2 section 8' r pole 42108 2 SEC 8' REACH
Handles and poles Ettore 42104 2 section 4' r pole 42104 2 SEC 4 REACH'
Handles and poles Ettore 42112 2 section 12' r pole 42112 2 SEC 12 'REACH
Handles and poles Stainless steel squeegee handle PR000
Medium Sweep 36' wood head push broom medium U18257 36' WOOD
Medium Sweep Quickie 'job site' 24' heavy duty push broom QUI-24' HD
Medium Sweep Rubbermaid 24' plastic head push broom RM-9B09
Medium Sweep Rubbermaid 36' wood head push broom RM-9B14
Mops 5 inch 4 ply blue med loop end mop U18580 SOLID BLUE
Mops Allstar medium do all loop end 4 ply (blue) U18045 MEDIUM BLUE
Mops Large loop end wet mop w/5' mesh headband green 1066090508 GREEN
Mops Large mop head loop end do all 4 ply 5' mesh headband blue U18044 5' LG BLUE
Mops Mop head large white cotton loop MSD/MOP HEAD PKG 3
Mops Mop head large white cotton loop MSD/MOP HEADS
Mops Mop head medium white MED WHITE
Mops R/m 24 oz allpro blend mop universal band E23800BLOO 24 OZ
Mops Rubbermaid finish mop large loop white w/blue stripe D51306 WHITE/BLUE STRIPE
Mops Rubbermaid large loop end mop blue RMLRGBMOP
Mops Rubbermaid super stitch white wax mop medium RMWMOP
Mops Rubbermaid x-large loop end mop white RMLRGWMOP
Mops Wet mop head large pre shrunk green U18008 1' LG GREEN
Squeegees 15/16 taper broom handle wood 15/16 TAPER WOOD
Squeegees 58' proaluminum squeegee handle AL14A 58 INCH
Squeegees Aquadozer eco 24' floor squeegee (handle sold separately) FE600 24 INCH
Squeegees Ettore fixed pro + 12' squeegee 2012
Squeegees Ettore 1013 12' brass squeegee - complete 1013 12' BRASS SQUEEGEE - COMPLE
Squeegees Ettore 1017 14' brass squeegee - complete 1017 14' BRASS SGUEEGEE COMPLET
Squeegees Ettore 1025 18' brass squeegee - complete 1025 18'' BRASS SQUEEGEE -COMPLE
Squeegees Ettore 17008 8' all purpose squeegee 17008 8' ALL PURPOSE SGUEEGEE
Squeegees Ettore 17012 12' all pupose squeegee 17012 12'ALL PURPOSE SQUEEGEE
Squeegees Ettore 2612 12' pro-grip squeegee - complete 2612 12'PRO-GRIP SQUEEGEE
Squeegees Ettore 2614 14' pro-grip squeegee - complete 2614 14' PRO-GRIP SQUEEGEE COMP
Squeegees Ettore 2618 18' pro-grip squeegee - complete 2618 18' PROGRIP SQUEEGEE
Squeegees Ettore 71140 14' back-flip squeegee/t-bar combo 71140 BACK-FLIP
Squeegees Ettore all purpose 10' squeegee 17010
Squeegees Ettore fixed pro + 14' squeegee 2014
Squeegees Proaluminum 61' squeegee handle AL14T 61 INCH
Squeegees Unger cone adapter heavy duty NCA00 ADAPTER
Squeegees Unger pro 12' squeege stainless steel with s channel PR300 12'
Squeegees Unger pro 18' stainless steel squeegee PR450 18'